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  •  New Year

    New Year

  •  Banquet round tables

    Banquet round tables

  •  Banquet U-Table

    Banquet U-Table

  •  Chocolate fountain

    Chocolate fountain

  •  Party dance floor

    Party dance floor

  •  Banquet Stage

    Banquet Stage

  •  Food Table

    Food Table

  •  Rectangular tables

    Rectangular tables

  •  Rectangular tables

    Rectangular tables

  •  Banquet tables

    Banquet tables

  •  Brown Centerpiece

    Brown Centerpiece

  •  Buffet table

    Buffet table

  •  Wedding Cake

    Wedding Cake

  •  Black Tablecloths

    Black Tablecloths

  •  Red centerpiece

    Red centerpiece

  •  Sweet Table

    Sweet Table

  •  Dance Party

    Dance Party

  •  Drop and table

    Drop and table

  •  Decoration Blue

    Decoration Blue

  •  Decoration Burgundy

    Decoration Burgundy

  •  Dance Area

    Dance Area

  •  Closed Stage

    Closed Stage

  •  Buffet Table

    Buffet Table

  •  Buffet Area

    Buffet Area

Le Studio

Our Multimedia Room is ready for your event. Contact us for prices and features.
We rent our Recording Studio with or without a sound engineer.
Please contact us for more information about our recording facilities.

Birthday Parties, Small Weddings, Baby Showers, Conferences, Events

We have different packages for different events. Contact us today for quote for your personal or corporate event.

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